Haciko And I

In 2015, when I first came to Sweden from Bangladesh, I felt very strange! I recall a mixture of feelings of being homesick and isolated, of being in a rush to learn a new language, at the same time to be a part of a new society.
 I struggled almost a year, made friends, often visited places, wrote articles and did many things to convey my emotion but somehow couldn’t accept all this certain change of my life.
 I became depressed as a result of unsustainable anxiety levels. This depression was defined by utter bewilderment and constant physical pain. It was the most intense pain I’ve ever known. I was quite sure, it would be the worse experience of my entire life.

But a moment that changed my world was getting a Puppy, Hachiko!
 I still remember the day when I saw Hachiko on a Facebook group. A fuzzy picture of a two-month-old smooth-haired, black with small yellow spots puppy needing to be re-homed because her owner had so many puppies that she didn’t think she could handle this one.
 It was instant love the very moment I looked into her watery eyes. I felt she was telling me, – ”please hold me in your arms”.
 I didn’t think twice about buying her. 24th of November 2016, a cold evening, she came to my home. It was the day of the beginning of our journey.

The first night with Hachiko was bit horrible! I’ve never had any experience with puppies. Now I’ve got this little ball of fuzz and sharp teeth wandering around my living room and it’s like i felt, now what? How do I take care of her? Should I… walk her? Train her to do something?
 I was nervous! I couldn’t think of anything sensible to do!
 I asked a friend and he advised me,
 – why don’t you give her food!
 I thought that’s a good idea! I felt happy to get a solution. I gave Hachiko lots of food, she ate and after five minutes she pooped on my carpet! Thats when I realized I should be careful with her food habits and I learned when I must take her out!

I bought a bed for her but she preferred to sleep on my bed. The whole night I couldn’t sleep because of her bad stomach! Also, she almost grabbed the whole bed with such a tiny body! I remember, above almost all else, the weight of Hachiko in bed with me, under the covers. It was really funny to watch her breathe when she slept!
 That night I understood she will never sleep on her bed and this is the end of my crossway sleeping habit! But somehow I was pleased to watch her sleepy face!

At the beginning she had that puppy biting habit. Sometimes I felt I couldn’t take that pain anymore, but when she came with her innocence I couldn’t control my self but to hold her.
 Being with Hachiko taught me many things about life and emotions. I started understanding the feelings that I had never experienced before. I’m not saying she took away all my anxiety, but she gave me focus. When I came home from work, she ran full pelt at me with all her happiness and at that time I felt special. I felt this is called love, this is called friendship this is called relation between a child and her mom.
 We had a very strong friendship. She understood my emotion. I can’t explain but I felt she tried her best to make me happy.
 My husband also loved her a lot.
 It was really not easy to take Hachiko out mornings at 5 am. But my husband did that every single day. It was quite surprising to see him do it! Sometime I asked him, ”How could you manage to do that?” He replied , I don’t know but I feel Hachiko deserves this love!

I will never forget the night when she did such a great job!
 It was 28th January , that night my husband and i was out on the balcony for a smoke. Hachiko also followed us. Certainly, Hachi started barking! My husband tried to stop her, but she was angry! Then Shuvo (my husband) noticed a girl was beat up by a man in front of our apartment! Hachiko noticed that incident. She was actually trying to stop that man!
 When Hachi started barking, the man ran away. After half an hour the police came. Perhaps they found that man. Anyway Hachi saved a girl! I felt proud of her.

We have many memories. I could write a book if I start writing about her. But some memories can’t be explained. It’s now been five weeks since I let her go far from me. When the doctor told me, I am allergic to dogs and there is no another way but to let her go , I was shocked! My own heart was too heavy to keep me upright. My world immediately became muffled, dark and cold.

Innocence – I always knew this word but experienced ’’ innocence’’ when I first met Hachiko. I start laughing because of her. She gave me a lot.
 She taught me to love this country.
 Especially this city Kiruna I am in love with it because of Hachiko. She showed me that Kiruna people are kind, social and wonderful. They take care of people and animals. Haciko’s new family is delightful. They love her a lot. Every week they send me photos of her.
 Now my happiness comes with salty water. It’s ok. I will never let her go from my memory. She will always be a special part of my life!